Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As one of new GPT review site since 2007, Linkworth spelled out members complete in pampering its consumer. Like other program, Linkworth have choice for their members to sign up as advertiser, partner or combo (as advertiser and also partner). I preferred to share to you as a partner of Linkworth. Uniquely, Linkworth not only providing their partner members a lot of opportunities on GPT review called linkpost but also many choices like link ads, link txt or link word features.

They also offers “partner” with two type of account that are: basic partner with 70/30 split commissions (you will get 70% for each task you completed); and preferred partner with 50/50 split (means they share 50% commissions to you).

Get Sign up bonus $10 and $0,02 for viewing ads. Also $0,01 while your Referrals viewing ads..Get your money here


As you see on your dashboard, Linkworth have several products like below.

LinkAds – selling ads with link on your site
LinkWords – selling unique words on your site.
LinkInTxt – selling keywords that preferred by advertisers. Usually keywords took from posts in your sites. Advertisers then will give link on it.
LinkSura – Known as Single Url Rotating Ad (SURA)
LinkMura – Known as Multiple Url Rotating Ad (MURA)
LinkBB – It’s like bulletin board ads or a hosted content page.
Linkpost – you know this Yup, its Get Paid to (GPT) Reviews
Linkpack – Take your time to learn about this. lol
Linkdir – Take your time to learn about this. lol
Linkart - Take your time to learn about this. lol


After your site being approved then the first thing you should do is update your account setting. Just login, click Partner >> Home >> my account. Update yours on “profile” ; “acct settings” ; “payment settings” ; “tax info” and “account type”. For beginners: Change your account type setting from “basic partner” to “preferred partner” to begin earning money. You’ll know from its name why they named it “preferred partner” lol. They absolutely love their “preferred partner” because of 50% sharing commissions. You can learn much about the detail of each account type. They say that all ads jobs will be distributed to all preferred partner first then basic partner. But remember, they won’t guaranty you to automatically get their ads jobs (linkpost) even you’re their preferred partner. But, they will serve the best. Wanna follow me? Just click on “account type” and choose “Preferred Partner Account (Commission split 50/50)”. Click “Convert” to finish it.

After change your account type, click on ”my sites”, fill in your sites information and description. Then you need to wait for their approval (it takes up to 24 hours or more). Once your sites approved then you can start to sell their products or get their linkpost jobs and start earning!! Still waiting? Join Linkworth and keep earning..


Linkworth has incredible tools to valuating your sites. They will use the information to predict your site’s values. Just go to “my tools” and start to use their tools frequently. Try to use “meta tag”, “kw (keywords) density”, “buy direct”, “se position”, “site link”, and “link quote”. As a partner, you can use linkquote to know about your site’s price. Use “se position” to know your popularity on main search engine like Google, Yahoo or Alexa. Below is the example of my blog’s link value.

Home Page Price: $ 5.00 To $ 15.00
Sub Page Price: $ 5.00
Entire SiteRun Price: $ 15.00 To $ 25.00

So, I must sell products like linkintxt or linkads with above price in order to attract advertisers to advertise on my blog.

Some bloggers use tricks to modify linkquote result in order to get better earning. You can try these:
• Set your blog price on your own. Check with linkquote. Keep stay on your first bid even your price lower then linkquote result. This mean you have big opportunity to making money from selling ads
• Make your price lower then your first bid, if for some time you still have nothing to earn.
• Boost up your price if you feel you have tons of orders (can’t wait to reach this level)
• Use it frequently until you enjoy earning more and more..
Not yet join with Linkworth?? Don’t be late..!!


  1. In spite of facing tough competition from Google, Alexa is having a strong stand and presence among the Internet users. Apart from being a search engine, Alexa now also offers informative and important information on the sites that one might want to know about. Alexa’s new related links has enabled the Internet users to know all about a particular field by visiting all the sites related to that field.

  2. I'm agree with you about Alexa now. Even thought some blogger and webmaster still curios about how Alexa valuing sites/blogs..
    Thanks 4 sharing here