Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Since last week, the title above became hot issue and discussion on some domainers forum like NamePros, DotWeekly or PasarDomain. Begin with blocked and suspended all Indonesian members and in the future Bido may also banned China members.. Yes, right now all Indonesian and (may be) China people who have some business interest with them found themselves being blocked while accessing their website. China should be the next because a domainer named Yejun, Luo (located in China and or Canada) - - stolen some great domain name. He acts like someone from Bido while contacting the owner.. With this situation, Bido should also banned China, like they done for Indonesia.. IMHO

As their member (before they freeze my account without any reason - - just some words like "Thank you for your interest with Bido. We're sorry Bido right now not available for your country" --), I'm still can't understand and believe it. How could they treat their members unfairly without any understandable reason. I'm never scammed them and never doing any wrong on their system but also shot by them..
I understand they can do whatever they want as they build this business. But, they forgot one important thing, business grow up if we treat our members or customers wisely. Business exist because we're think that our members are valuable. When we knew some members doing any scam then kicked them out from the system in order to keep all community safe. Do kicked for only bad member, not a whole members!! Sorry to say, but Bido just like a person who curing headaches with shooting his head.. The headaches gone but also his head!!

I'll be sad to see Bido falling down in domain business just because they take some unusual action to protect community but at the end they also break down their own business.

They have taken some action by now, just wait and see what will be happen with Bido in the future..

For all members from banned country, what you need from now --> forget BIDO and continue your domain business from others who respecting you as their valuable member..


  1. Hi Goldwinner, as we discussed on Namepros and on DotWeekly, blocking all of Indonesia was an action to thwart a very large problem. We are implementing more permanent and sustainable measures to take. Thank you for your patience.

  2. In addition, the domain you are referring to ( was never listed for sale on Bido.

  3. @jarred-bido: thanks for visiting here..
    sorry if I were wrong about We need to find some truth here why Bido banned all Indonesian. If Bido valuing their member, why it so hard to tell the truth about what's going on with any or some Indonesian member at that time. What he/she/they did? We need to know the truth!
    I am disappointed, yes of course coz I'm never doing any crime here. Never ever!! I knew this business need a trust and I always give that point when act as buyers or sellers..

  4. Also, Bido only blocked Indonesia, not China, not sure where you got that idea for your blog post title.
    As we already discussed, there was extensive fraud all stemming from your country (Indonesia), and so it was blocked entirely while we build a robust system to deal with it better, and be able to let the honest people back. Unfortunately it appears that honest people got penalized by the activities of people who are not so honest. It may not seem fair but we needed to immediately protect our business and our community. Further changes will come.
    Also, please be more accurate in your reporting because there are some gross inaccuracies as discussed. I realize you are trying to bring attention to the situation but please use facts.
    When we have more information about the progress of the situation, we will make an announcement.

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  6. @jarred: Thanks for your feedback.. Also, we're waiting for your progress and announcement.

    @free FONT: Your welcome dude.. Thanks for visiting here.