Thursday, February 25, 2010


A week ago, I got myself almost being scammed when bid a project on freelancer site. It was easy job that needed eBay seller with good reputation. I just need to list some item (iphone on my case) on eBay for one day auction, starting at just $0,99 with no reserve.

She offers me around 7% - 12 % benefit per item sold by me. Per week I need to list until 10 - 15 items.. Well, at least I'll get minimum $75 per week. This blinds me..

I'm getting aware when she wants my PayPal (PP) password in order to claim payment from buyers before she shipping items. She told me that her PP was closed in previous time because an accident. Whatever her reason, I can't give her that point. That's my life on this business. She offers me to transfer the money via Western Union (WU). Before I said yes, I read carefully on WU official site about their FAQ and TOS. And it's not good to sent money via WU for purchasing online items.

The auctions ended with winners and average sale on $500. But, PP holding the payment from buyers before shipping the items. I told her about this situation and asked to ship the items first. I also told her that I'' transfer the payment into her PP account as I knew eBay need PP account for every their sellers. She didn't response my messages. She just leaving with getting zero bucks from me!!

I personally thanks to PP for holding the payments. If not, maybe I need to refund money into buyers with my own money. So, always be careful while you worked with partner or starting doing a project with somebody else. If they offer the opportunity that seems too good to be true then it must be a scam!!

So, always use your logic and be careful!! 


  1. @secangkir teh dan sekerat roti: thanks bro for visiting here.
    also, you have nice blog:-)

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