Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So far, Google Adsense - GA still being number one online earning for blogger or publisher. Alternatively, you can earn money online by selling links or doing some jobs as paid review.

Paid review and sell links need some qualifications in order to be approved by the broker. One important thing is your blog already got page rank bigger than zero and alexa rank below 1 million.

From 2008, I personally have pleasure times with some PTR like Blogsvertise (BV), SponsoredReviews (SR), LinkWorth (LW) and also Smorty. But, after my blogs have no PR (Google updating my recent PR :lol:) I found none offers on them.

So, is it possible to get money with doing paid review if your blog have a zero page rank? Yes,of course.
I got great experience since 2008 with one broker in paid review called BloggerWave (BW). They got my attention after I realize how difficult to find review jobs if you only got PR 0 blogs.
Just check by yourself, I'm still got their jobs for around $4/jobs for my PR 0 blogs.. Yeah, it's not big bucks but for me it's quite enough to continue earn money. The great news is they paying you after your job got published for one month (and still paying until this month).

Proof of their payments - July 2010

But, if you see on your dashboard, you will find that jobs available is limited. maybe just one or two jobs. With this condition, you need to registered more than one blog (they limit until 5 blogs to be registered and approved). If you got approved for 5 blogs so with same job you can apply (and usually got approved) for all of your blogs. So, if they paid you $4/job so you'll got $20/job/month for all blogs.

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  2. @Racheal: Thanks for comment. Will email you soon.