Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello all,

There are many place/forum to sell your domain names. But, if your domain mostly registered with GoDaddy (GD), you can also try their facility called GoDaddy Premium Listing (GPL).

This service is free. Why GPL? Hmm, there are several reason why you must join this service. First, as world's largest registrar, GPL will visible to almost 1 million search a day! In other website services like fiverr or other, if you need to made traffic for your domain you'll cost around $5/1000 visitor. So, with traffic around 1 million visitor a day, you'll saving $5000/day while join GPL!!

Second, more traffic for your domain names if you also join GoDaddy Auctions [price around $4.99/year, if using coupon code you'll off 50%] because your GPL will also visible in GoDaddy Auctions.

Third, you'll get free pricing recommendation for your domain names GPL, so you'll never over priced!!

Visitor that interested with your GPL domain names [see pictures above] will have option to buy [add to cart and express buy], so you have high opportunity to receive an email from GoDaddy indicated that your GPL just sold!!

For price, you need to including fee commission for GoDaddy around 20-30% from total price. So, if your domain sold $1000 USD via GPL then GoDaddy will receive around $200-$300. You as seller will receive "only" $700-$800 USD. So, if your domain priced at $1000 then you must set your GPL price at $1300 - $1500.

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  1. Before buying or selling the domains try to know the value of your domains. it will useful for you to sell the domains at market for profitable price. there are many domain appraisal sites,i know the main advantage of this provider is that you can get appraisal for maximum 10domains at a time..

  2. @Sree: Thanks for comment and share here

  3. awesome post...any thoughts on the new interface or the mass bannings happening lately? approvals are getting tougher too. i want to be persistent but dont want to get my accounts banned

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