Thursday, September 3, 2009


LinkFromBlog give me a surprise!

They sent me a message about sign up bonus after I sign up with them, finish their challenge by posting new post about their service on my blogs. I thought it were ebooks like they said early. So, I decided to download that later.

Today while I checked my dashboard, I realise that my balance money become from $0 into $6. And I'm still not doing anything. Maybe wrong money sent to me:)

But, I understand when I read their messages. They give me each $3 as a sign up bonus and added my blogs as their bloggers. I got two blogs so they gimme $6.

Well, it's really interesting. And I need another $44 to get my first cashout. Today, I sent 8 offers to their advertisers. If they approved my bids then I will continue earning money with them.

Don't forget to join them. It's free and totally will give you money.
Join right now.

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