Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yes, that’s true my friends.. Shocked or not, they sent this announcement around the world with one hot issue: “BIDO CLOSED!!”

I received email from them on May 5, 2010 (don’t know why, after they banned my country and me, they still sent me emails and notification regarding their auction and news) with subject: BIDO CLOSED. They will ceasing operation as of May 5, 2010. All member's transactions and accounts will be gracefully finalized and closed. They will take care every pending transaction and pending payment from their members as soon as possible.
You can read all news about this on several domain sites and domain forum like NamePros, DNForum or DNJournal.

For me, their decision to close their business is weird. Some people say that they have great future with new branding as domain auctions site. Some see that their auction format is not efficient and will soon make them fall down. But, they say that they closed in order to finished transaction with buyer that will buy their domain, site and auction script.

About three months ago, I made a post in this blog while they banned all members from Indonesia (read here). In the end of the article, I questioning about Bido’s future as domain auction sites. I bet that they will not survive on this business if they still treating their members unfairly. I don’t know about this relationship between my past article and this news, but as you know now - BIDO CLOSED!!

Whatever happened, I personally thanks to BIDO for their unique auction format so far and also sending two payments for me as my bonus (one when they banned my country and last payment sent before they closed).
Sad to hear that they must closed BIDO and wishing luck for their business in the future.

Sayonara, Goodbye, Selamat Tinggal…!!

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